The Project


A project entirely organized by students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The project is developing constantly so the active members of the team are usually part of it at least for one year to make possible the continuity of the project. It is also possible to have external collaborations with the team, usually in case of smaller works connected to the project.

The project is funded by the University and the external Sponsors.


Designing and manufacturing a formula type car (according to the rules, every year a new design) and racing with it in international competitions of the Formula Student series.

  • Formula SAE

    Formula SAE is a student design competition organized by SAE International (previously known as the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE). Wikipedia

  • Formula Student

    Formula Student is a student engineering competition held annually in the UK. Student teams from around the world design, build, test, and race a small-scale formula style racing car. Wikipedia


September - November
December - March
April - June
July - August
  • Recruitment
  • Updated rules for the next season are published
  • Design (3D modeling, material choices, components)
  • Events & Fairs: Alihankintamessut, Korjaamomessut, Metrosport, Teknologiamessut, MuoviPlastics, others
  • Manufacturing
  • Competition registration
  • Recruitment
  • Competition documents
  • Car rollout
  • Events & Fairs: American Car Show, others
  • Car testing
  • Business plan presentation
  • Final adjustments for the car
  • Competitions: FS UK, FS Germany, FS Austria, FS Spain, Baltic Open
  • General concept of the next season car

September - November
December - March
April - June
July - August


Project management

  • Team Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Media & Marketing Manager
  • Event Manager

Design and manufacture

  • Frame Manager
  • Motor Manager
  • Drivetrain Manager
  • Suspension Manager
  • Steering System Manager
  • Electrical System Manager
  • Accumulator Manager
  • Cooling System Manager
  • Composites Manager
  • Brakes Manager
  • Aerodynamics Manager
  • Machining
  • 3D Printing
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Media production

  • Video shooting
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Cloth design
  • 3D animation & rendering
  • Informatics & applications
  • Web design
  • Promotional gadgets & accesories
  • Publications
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