The Project


Metropolia Motorsport is a project run by the students of Metropolia UAS, and currently based in Myyrmäki Campus.

The Project is financed by the university and the sponsors.


The concept is to design and manufacture a new formula type race car each year and participate in different competitions in Europe, mainly: FS Spain, Baltic Open, FS Germany.

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September - November
December - March
April - June
July - August
  • Recruitment
  • Updated rules for the next season are published
  • Design (3D modeling, material choices, components)
  • Events & Fairs: Alihankintamessut, Korjaamomessut, Metrosport, Teknologiamessut, MuoviPlastics, others
  • Manufacturing
  • Competition registration
  • Recruitment
  • Competition documents
  • Car rollout
  • Events & Fairs: American Car Show, others
  • Car testing
  • Business plan presentation
  • Final adjustments for the car
  • Competitions: FS UK, FS Germany, FS Austria, FS Spain, Baltic Open
  • General concept of the next season car

September - November
December - March
April - June
July - August


Design and manufacture

  • Frame
  • Suspension and steering
  • Brakes
  • Drivetrain and cooling
  • Inventors and accumulators
  • Electronics and wiring
  • Composites and aerodynamics








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Media production

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Clothing design
  • Website administration
  • Social media management and content planning
  • Sponsorship possibilities
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