• Weight: 208,7kg
  • Weight dispersion: 42/58
  • Wheelbase: 1650mm
  • Track: 1250/1250mm


  • Frame: Tubular steel type frame
  • Suspension: Double unequal length A-Arms. Pull rods in front and pushrods in rear with in-house developed dampers
  • Brakes: Lasercut mild steel discs, ISR 4 piston calipers in front and Brembo 2 piston calipers in rear, with Ferodo pads
  • Wheels: BBS 3pc 6,5×13 with single bolt fastening
  • Tyres: Goodyear D2692 7×20-13


  • Engine: Yamaha R6, naturally aspirated with mandatory 20mm intake restrictor.
  • Displacement: 599cm3
  • Compression ratio: 13.1:1
  • Drivetrain: 4-gears, friction plate differential with adjustable ramp angles, electro-pneumatic gearshift system
  • Power: 84hp@11800rpm
  • Torque: 63Nm@9000rpm
  • Electrics: Tatech engine management system, wide-band lambda, MoTec data acquisition system, electronically adjustable brake balance, electric clutch, datalogging and bluetooth telemetry


  • 0-100km/h: <4s
  • Top speed: >150km/h

Team 2008

Name Responsibility
Ragnar Mehisto Team Manager
Jussi Laakso Technical Manager
Timo Keinänen Engine Manager
Lauri Eho Engine/Electrics
Lasse Kortetjärvi Electrics
Henrik Tallbacka Chassis Manager
Jouko Lammi Chassis
Arto Savenius Drivetrain
Johannes Alaniemi Composites
Hannu Kyöstilä Safety/Machining

Rookies 2008

Name Responsibility
Ville Koskela Engine/Composites
Jouni Ilmaniemi Electrics
Janne Mäkynen Chassis/PR
Timo Elonen Engine
Jani Hattunen Chassis

Graduates 2008

Name Responsibility
Jari Rask Team Manager
Teemu Ristelä Technical Manager
Mikko Ahola Engine Manager
Aleksi Malinen Chassis Manager
Stenka Keto Electrics

Events 2008

Dutch Open (Baltic Open), August, Delft

Design Acceleration Skid Pad Autocross Endurance
1st 14th 6th 5th 5th

Rank 3rd

Best Engineered Car award

Formula Student Germany, August Hockenheim

Design Cost Presentation Acceleration Skid Pad Eutocross Endurance & Economy
100/150 84,1/100 49,1/75 57,93/75 29,06/50 114,52/150 334,52/350

TOTAL 791,01 pts

Rank 8th


Formula Student UK, July Silverstone

Design Cost Presentation Acceleration Skid Pad Autocross Endurance & Economy
140 79 46 57,4 26,7 93,9 230,8

TOTAL 673,9 pts

Rank 5th

2nd place in Design


Formula Sae, May Michigan International Speedway

Design Cost Presentation Acceleration Skid Pad Autocross Endurance & Economy
135 83 51,1 55,6 37,1 127,7 DNF

TOTAL 489,6 pts

Rank 29th

3rd place in Design