Newsletter 03/2019


On the 1st of February, all 33 team members experienced a tough day: We had to take the competitions’ registration quizzes. After several weeks of practice, the team got great results back by securing 4 competitions. This is thank to the hard work and ambition of our team members.


During this season, our team managed to successfully register to 4 competitions: FS Germany, FS Italy, FS Czech Republic, and FS East. Currently, our team members are working non stop to finish the manufacturing of the car by the 8th of April. Then, testing season starts. We are looking forward for the summer and for presenting the best version of the team.   

New Sponsors

We are happy to announce that we have a new platinum sponsor Rejlers. They are a consultant company that helps companies in their engineering endeavours. Be it designing an efficient HVAC system, making a reliable and safe Ocean Liner or even a free-falling tube attraction where you can experience a falling sensation of 260km/h freefall in a safe environment.
Rejlers is consulting and providing design services for building companies in massive construction projects such as building of 128 000 square meter housing districts from ground up near Moscow in Russia.
And most products on the market were developed by an engineer or a group of engineers, and these products in today’s world have to meet long list of criteria to be safe, reliable, functional and it may seem like a daunting task for someone who simply wants to create a useful product. Rejlers helps with reviewing all necessary documentation.

Maker3D Visit

We had a visit to Maker3D to renew our  cooperation. They are the leading retail and service company for 3D printers in Finland and they agreed to continue sponsoring us for this season. They are providing us with  3D printing materials as well as education and access to vast variety of different printers.
Under their guidance we have explored FormaLab printing technology that prints entire layers at a time instead of funnelling material.
We are also looking into colored printing technology for Media purposes where we could print for example miniature colored models of our car.
We continue to explore 3D printed materials to make our car lighter, more reliable, more eco-friendly and Maker3D is helping greatly to achieve this goal.

Metka on Tour

At the beginning of this spring semester, our team participated in the METKA on tour. METKA is the student organization for all metropolia UAS students. We presented our team in myyrmaki, arabia, and leppavaara campuses. The main reason of taking part in the tour and choosing these campuses is to recruit new team members, more precisely, programming, graphic design, and business students.
This recruitment phase is important for our future plans. Considering the fact that Metropolia Motorsport aims to start competing in the Driverless class in the season 2020/2021, We need talented Programmers to join us.  

Acoustic Image

This is an interesting project happening around our car. Students were testing school´s new acoustic camera, which measures sound pressure in a plane with microphones and draws a picture of it. We also took this as a change to check if our ready to drive -sound complies with the rules. Rules require the sound pressure to be 80-90 dbA, measured two meters from the cars

Ecological Statement

Recently, we made a statement that we would like to commit to the global sustainability goals. Our team is now trying to analyze the effect of the manufacturing of our car on the environment by measuring carbon dioxide emissions during the process, so that we can minimize it and join the movement for a better future.

Driverless Statement

Germany Formula Student Authority has announced that in 2021 the Acceleration event for both Internal Combustion and Electric class will need to be performed without a driver to achieve maximum points.
Because of this Formula Student community is having a paradigm shift and everyone has to embrace and start developing Autonomous driving technology. Our team is no different. We are now negotiating a sponsorship agreement with nVidia who are on the forefront of this technology, producing hardware for quick processing of sensor information to adjust controls.
This same system is used by our closest driverless neighbours the Tallinn driverless team.

Aalto Visit

We had a brief visit to Aalto Formula Team, they are starting to develop their own electric race car for Formula Student competitions. It’s still very early in development for them and we are determined to help them with advice to overcome any obstacles they may face.
They do have a lot of members and they did acquire some parts, sponsors and space for manufacturing of the car, so they have the basics covered. It is in our best interest to help the Aalto team so we will have 2 strong electric teams close by for beneficial cooperation.

Visit Tallinn

We had a visit to Team Tallinn, even though Finland has 3 other Formula Student teams, Tallinn Team is the closest Formula Student team that competes in FS competitions electric class, and they have been higher than us on Global Ranking for a very long time now and we have a lot to learn from their team.
The Tallinn Team is essentially 2 teams. For 2019 season they split into Electric Team continuing to manufacture a new electric formula each year, and a Driverless team, that take last year’s car add sensors and servos to it and make it drive by itself.
Rico and Martin, the both teams captains, showed us around their offices and machining labs in Tallinn UAS and Tallinn University of Technology, we met with team members, found out about history of Team Tallinn and learned some organisational methods that we could use to improve our team’s efficiency.