Newsletter 2019/1

Last seasons official competitions

During the 2018 season, our team participated in one official competition that took place in Spain: FS Spain Numerous teams were taking part in the competition, and although the team did not win an award in this competition, it was an educational experience for everyone.

Picture 1: from Spain scrutineering

Season 2019 opening

The 2019 season  started by moving the team’s facilities from Koskelo to Myyrmäki. Today, the team’s operations have been entirely focused on the Myyrmäki campus at Leiritie 1.

We had a sponsorship event in Vihti 1.10, where the various sponsors were able to test the latest car.

During the 2019 season, the same car was originally supposed to be used in the biggest European races, but due to a change in the rules, the chassis has to be rebuilt. Unlike the previous year, the new rules, in addition to minimum diameters and wall thicknesses, have defined cross sectional areas for the pipes.

With the new chassis, the car will be a completely new car according to the rules, and in contrast to the premise, it will be possible to compete in Spain in 2019.

Picture 2: sponsor day from vihti track